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Increase Conversions At Checkout With OfferStacks™ by Voma

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Boost Conversions With OfferStacks™

Voma is not just another digital checkout platform.
Yes, you can accept online payments with Voma.
Yes, your pages will load lightning fast.
Yes, Voma integrates with all your email, website and funnel building tools.
But most importantly, Voma helps you experiment with your Offer, which is the most important factor when it comes to increasing conversions and getting more sales.
Here’s what OfferStacks™ does for you:
Rapidly creates and tests special offers
Increases your conversions with dynamic bonuses & deadlines
Personalizes follow-up with customers through automations
Generates more revenue from every sale with bumps & upsells

The Ultimate Offer Blueprint

What makes an effective offer?
If you want to plug the leaks in your funnel and maximize sales, the first place to look is your Offer. Add a deadline to every offer you create and watch your sales skyrocket without the hassle.

With OfferStacks™ by Voma, delivery of your products & bonuses is dynamic and automated based on who purchases your offer and when they make their purchase.


Your prospects need a reason to make a buying decision NOW. With OfferStacks™ you can easily apply a unique deadline to every prospect that views your Offer, which is proven to increase conversions.


With OfferStacks™ you can highlight a few select bonuses as a reason for prospect’s to buy now. Plus, you can even link those bonuses to your Deadline so that they go away if a prospect delays their decision.


Personalize your follow-up with new and returning customers based on which Offers they buy, and when they buy them. Provision special bonuses automatically, but only those that qualify because they purchased before the deadline.

Why Are Creators Switching To Voma?

And why your all-in-one platform is costing you sales

The point-of-sale is arguably the most important phase of your customer journey. All of the hard work, time and money invested into your marketing to get a prospect to this point…

…where they have their credit card in hand

…the final moment before they give you money

…before that prospect becomes a customer

So, why are you using slow, rigid, outdated tech?

Is it because you technically already have a way to collect payment?

But what if your current payment tech is killing your conversions?

Would it be worth it to consider a dedicated solution if it meant a boost in sales?

In addition OfferStacks™ powerful feature set (Deadlines, Bonuses and Automations), here’s everything else Voma does that your current payment tech is likely missing.

Easily Add Order Bumps & Upsells

Increase your average cart value by testing different Bumps & Upsells in your funnel, without having to build additional pages or complex funnels. Experiment inside the Voma Offer Editor to see which combination of products gives you the greatest ROI.

Lightning Fast Page Speeds

The silent killer. When comparing “blazing fast” with “reasonably quick,” the negative effect on your conversion rate is sizable, and can impact total sales up to 250%. Voma Offer Pages score an A rating by GTmetrix, proving best in class page speeds.

Keep More Of Your Money With Zero Added Fees

Voma integrates directly with your existing Stripe and PayPal merchant accounts. No additional transaction fees are applied, keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

Integrate Across The Rest Of Your Marketing Stack

Voma supports direct integrations with ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConvertKit, Drip, Keap, MailChimp, Ontraport, Teachable, Rewardful, LinkMink and Kajabi, with thousands of additional connections available through our Zapier integration.

Sync Conversion Events

Automatically send purchase conversion events to Google Tag Manager and Facebook Ads for improved analytics & targeting.

Simplify Sales Tax Collection

Choose to collect taxes automatically with Stripe Tax, and stay compliant without the headache.

Declutter Your Products Library

No need to create a new product every time you want to run a new promotion. With Voma, manage your products separately from your checkout pages and use those products across multiple offers, even if you’re selling those products at different prices or with different bonuses & deadlines.

Unlimited offers
Reuse products
Sell subscriptions
Discount codes
GDPR consent
Add bonuses
Deadline automations
Segment customers
Payment options
Save with ACH
One-click upsells
Integrate deadlines

Sell More Of Your Stuff, How You Want To Sell It.

Increasing conversions at the point-of-sale relies on your ability to experiment and test different offers.

Voma gives you the flexibility to test what you need to test, so you can focus on what matters most in your business — creating better products & services and selling more of them.

The Backbone Of Your Business

Your Offer Engine

Voma makes testing new Offers easy. Quit leaving money on the table. Join the growing community of creators making the switch to Voma and get started today for free

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